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Strategy Overview

The MMFA Self-Sustaining Agricultural Project has one purpose:

To leverage local farming that will allow us to self-fund our ministry efforts and rely less on external giving. 

This concept isn't new. Many global ministries rely on local agricultural farming to help become self-sustaining and invest in education, medical care and most importantly, churches and leaders who will continue to bring the gospel to those who are need of it.

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Target Goals 

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Develop Men and Women

Create Residual Funding

Re-Invest in more land

Through this project, we'll be able to create job opportunities for men and women to help support their families. This will also allow us to help them develop new skills so they can began growing their own crops.

One of our target goals is to reinvest in more land so that we can continue to expand in our capacity to produce even more crops. This will only continue to allow our profits and will allow us to become even more self-sustainable. 

We estimate that we can make about 40% profit back from crops sold to the local population. This will allow us to reinvest into MMFA in areas like hiring more teachers, providing more medical care and growing more churches.

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Will you partner with us?

We're projecting this to cover all expenses, including:

  • Seeds, tools and supplies

  • Land needed to plant

  • Experienced labor to help oversee project

Get in Touch

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