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Strategy Overview

Life in Liberia is becoming increasingly difficult. The economy is weak, opportunities for jobs are
greatly limited. There seems to be a general sense of despair. In the midst of such gloom, however, a person focused and alert can always find opportunities, especially in Christ.

Well, one such opportunity is agribusiness. This is not exactly a new frontier, but its importance,
especially in this time of difficulty, is still not taken advantage of by most people.

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Target Goals 


Develop Men and Women

Create a Sustainable Food Source

The proceeds from the farm could also be used to address some issues/problems confronting the churches, schools, and communities.

To engage the Messiah Mission for Africa’s churches and schools ( men, women and youth) to improve their economic and social conditions by getting involved in agricultural Plantain cultivation

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Financial Goal in order to start project:

We're projecting this to cover all expenses, including:

  • Seeds, tools and supplies

  • Land needed to plant

  • Experienced labor to help oversee project

The mission in Africa also intends to include improving the livelihood of men, women, young men, girls and youth by engaging them with
agricultural activities so as address the economic and nutritional aspect of their lives.

A strong network of women, men, young men girls, and youth will be organized to help meet the needs by participating in agricultural activities. While it is true that inculcating into the minds of
people sound Biblical values, committed leadership, Christian counseling, systematic teaching of the Bible, visitation and preaching; it is equally important to expand the mission’s goal by engaging into agricultural activities which would help improve the economic and nutritional wellbeing of the person.

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